Assistive Technology for People with Rett Syndrome in Fairhope, Alabama: A Comprehensive Guide

This article reviews available literature on assistive technology for people living with Rett Syndrome in Fairhope, AL. It covers topics such as available services from ADRS programs, Rett University online learning platform, STAR Services assistive devices & train

Assistive Technology for People with Rett Syndrome in Fairhope, Alabama: A Comprehensive Guide

Assistive technology services are any service that directly helps a person with a disability to select, purchase, or use an assistive device. Rehabilitation engineering and assistive technology services (RE&AT) are available to anyone enrolled in one of the Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services (ADRS) programs. These services are available throughout the state of Alabama and can be provided in an ADRS office or in the consumer's home, school, or work environment. Referrals for RE&AT services are made through a case manager, such as a social worker, vocational rehabilitation counselor, or community support specialist.

Rett Syndrome

(RS) is a neurological disorder that mainly affects women, caused by mutations in the MECP2 gene that usually cause severe physical disability.

People with RS face physical challenges that require rehabilitation interventions to reverse physical impairments. These interventions include exercises of various types and different physical modalities. However, due to limited time available for direct intervention, a complementary system is required to provide the child with a comprehensive support network. Complementary intervention can support physical deterioration by introducing adaptation techniques, environmental modifications and assistive technologies. The therapeutic program for a person with RS should include the use of assistive technology when such devices improve the user's performance.

This article will review the available literature on the subject of assistive technology, incorporating the author's clinical knowledge in the field of RS. Rett University is an online learning platform designed for parents, educators, and Rett syndrome therapists and other students with complex needs. STAR Services works with people to find or develop assistive devices that reduce or eliminate the barriers they have due to their disabilities. Together with ADRS rehabilitation technology specialists and engineers, STAR Services is committed to ensuring that Alabamaans with disabilities receive the technology they need to be more productive and independent in school, work, play and the community. Assistive technology can be used to help people with Rett Syndrome in Fairhope, Alabama improve their quality of life. Assistive devices can help them perform daily activities more easily and independently.

Examples of assistive technology include wheelchairs, communication devices, adapted computer equipment, adapted toys and games, adapted furniture and adaptive switches. Assistive technology can also help people with Rett Syndrome access educational materials more easily. In addition to providing access to assistive technology devices, STAR Services also provides training on how to use them effectively. This training helps people with Rett Syndrome learn how to use their devices safely and efficiently. STAR Services also provides technical assistance to ensure that people with Rett Syndrome have access to appropriate services and resources. Assistive technology can make a huge difference in the lives of people with Rett Syndrome in Fairhope, Alabama.

It can help them become more independent and improve their quality of life. With the right support and resources, individuals living with Rett Syndrome can lead fulfilling lives.

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